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Door County IS the Surfing Central of the Midwest!

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Prevail and Sail

On rainy days we find waves. I bet you didn’t know that Door County is a surfing hot spot. That’s right, a well kept secret from the rest of the world. Who would of thought that Wisconsin could make some waves? All you need is strong winds and in the right spots, the waves can reach 25 feet or higher. Just ask any of the local outdoor enthusiasts where to go. Better yet, have one of our awesome guides take you out on a windy one and we’ll show you the surf spots and make sure you catch a wave.

The weather was bad for zip lining this morning: rainy and so cold we could see our breath! With early season blues (for guides the beginning of the summer is challenging: few tourists and cool weather), no tours and a need for excitement, no longer letting the cold hold us back, we decided to hit the waves with some paddleboarding. Dressed in wetsuits and excitement we managed to stay surprisingly warm despite the icy 17mph winds coming from the north. Let it be known that there are few things in this world that are more thrilling than riding a wave. Try it, we dare you.

Having access to outdoor adventure equipment is such a blessing. All of our guides make sure to take advantage of the acres of beautiful land and equipment we are trained to use. We are some of the healthiest people around, why? Because we wake-up inspired to be apart of nature. We go outside and take nature by storm. In addition to all the healthy air and exercize, we have one of the coolest jobs in the county. Now it’s your turn to be apart of the outdoor revolution, let us guide the the way. Tipping isn’t just for cows anymore (sorry Wisconsin), the new thing to do is tip your guides.

There are so many awesome ways to explore nature through various outdoor activities. Give your body a treat (not ice cream this time;)), and spend a day paddleboarding, visiting the caves or watching the sunset on a kayak. Don’t forget to hit the trails and experience the Giants with branches, and take a dip in lakes. We are lucky to be in Door County surrounded by  the wilderness.


Written by,

Annie Woody (horsewhisperer)


P.S. Don’t forget you can request me as a guide!! 🙂 I do Ziplining and kayaking.