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Ziplining: Conquer Your Fears, Tame the Dragon

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Conquer your fear and tame the dragon. it doesn’t even have to be heights. Whether you leap off of the Ziplining platform or slowly crouch and fall, you are winning. Optimism is all you need to create a positive experience for yourself (as well as a passion for flying).
Ziplining isn’t the greatest of challenge for some, but for me, it was. First time I went off a zipline (I had been on an above trees obstacle course many years before) this year was a week ago. On first zip after my incredibly nerve-wracking first jump, I got stuck in the middle of the line. Imagine me, battling back an irrelevant fear, as I slowly bounce up and down in the middle of the wire as my trainer performs a rescue example to the rest of the group of guides getting trained (Aaron, Ben, and Marina).

After Ziplining multiple times everyday for a week now leading Ziplining tours I have mastered my fears. Now riding my dragon safely across the zipline each time. Now completely comfortable leading any tour group, performing rescues, and just jumping off the first platform (ask anyone whose been on one of our Ziplining tours before, the first jump is nerve-wrecking, it can take a few moments to unlock your wings and trust that you won’t fall) and I am no exception. The only change is that now I look forward to soaring through the air. My job is to feel comfortable taking you on a safe adventure, and now I do.

For those of you who have never been to our zipline course it is located at 7340 State Highway 42, Egg Harbor, W. Our course is the safest, with the least risk involved and is incredibly exhilarating (and still continues to be, even after going through the course multiple times in a day for over a week). Adventure zip lining is incredible! No matter the course. You don’t need to scale over trees to realize how good it feels to fly through the sky. It’s all in the mind. Fear and excitement is a creation of the individual and exhilaration will occur right here at the Egg Harbor Fun Park.
The course consists of five zip line towers with four zipline lines. The course can take anywhere from 35 minutes to an hour, depending on the size of the group and if each individual finds it easy or difficult to jump off the towers and trust the zip lines and equipment.
This is where my co-workers and I have chosen to spend our time this summer and we are all thrilled to be leading zipline tours as well as training to be kayak guides for Gravity Trails. These are our lives and we find meaning in sharing an adventure with you. We grow love by being outdoors which in return enriches anyone who has the chance to be a part of our lives whether you are a returning customer, a tourist passing through or a employee of the Egg Harbor Fun Park. Going on a tour is an experience within itself. But it is the guides that fill in any gaps of a tour, creating an experience you will remember. A tour is ultimately a chance to hangout with a couple of dynamic individuals who have taken the time to perfect the skills needed for smooth sailing, who are passionate about the outdoors and protecting the beautiful world surrounding us, all with interesting stories of our own who want to share a moment with you. We are charismatic and we want to hangout with you, show you the time of your life, as well as make an income we can live off of (tipping isn’t just for cows anymore, it’s for your guides, so don’t forget to have a good time!).
This is our passion. Come and be a part of it. Visit Annie, Aaron, Ben, and Marina at the Gravity Trails Zipline and Gem Mining booth at the Egg Harbor Fun Park. Or make a reservation by calling: (920) 853-9292. Don’t forget to make a kayak trip reservation as well. There is a zipline and kayak combo, just book a tour and get emailed a discount code for the other activity!