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Shipwreck of Door County

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There’s nothing more mysterious than shipwrecks of the briny deep. Giant wooden steeds once used for

shipping and traveling now sit at the bottom of the great lakes only serving as homes for schools of fish

and growing algae. For anyone who has ever had a fascination with old time mariner boats and sailing

the seas, or just loves a unique nature tour, there is just the kayak tour for you.

Believe it or not, there are dozens of shipwrecks dotting the bottom of North Bay that you might not

notice otherwise. Some shipwrecks date all the way back to the Alpen gale storm of 1880 that flooded

the entire bay. The area was a hotspot for ships as well as an unfortunate dangerous spot to any sailors

who got caught up in a storm. There have been many notable shipwrecks in North Bay including the

Cherubusco in 1872, the G. J. Tracy in 1881, and the A. Bronson in 1875.

The shipwreck kayak tour in North Bay offers kayakers a unique chance to get an underwater glimpse of

these infamous shipwrecks. Thanks to the use of perception kayaks with clear bottoms, anyone can

navigate over these shipwrecks and get a glimpse into what sailing might have been like for a mariner in

the 1800’s.

This tour is very beginner friendly, so anyone interested in shipwrecks and nature doesn’t have to be

worried about their kayaking skill level. This amazing kayak tour is unlike any other kayak tour you have

been on. Through the North Bay Shipwreck with a Door County kayak tour, you can take a trip back through

time to a time when sailing was a way of life and ships were more than a novelty.

Come see for yourself and book your Shipwreck with Gravity Trails today!