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Red, Round and Delicious: It’s Cherry Time!

Driving through Door County, it is almost impossible to miss the countless cherry orchards that line the roads. Not many people know it, but Door County’s geography, climate and soil are perfect for cherry trees. Now, after many month of waiting, the cherries have finally turned red and ready for harvest! Just imagine all the delicious cherry pies that are going to be baked in the next couple of weeks…. Yummy!!

The town of Jacksonport on the East side of the peninsula is celebrating the harvest of these delicious little red fruits on August 1st with their annual Cherry Fest. The fest is taking place in Lakeside Park on Highway 57 in Jacksonport. Stop by for fresh baked Cherry Kolaches, Cherry Pie, Cherry Sundaes, and of course Cherry Jam. But the festival is not only about cherries, artists and craftsmen from the Midwest will also be showing their talent. Last but not least, live music will turn the Cherry Fest into an unforgettable experience.