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Paddle Door County Your Way: the PaddleBoard and SUP Rentals

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The Paddle Board: A Board for a Surfer, the Inner Yogi, and the lazy one

There is a board for everyone. It has arrived and is located at Gordon Lodge in Baileys Harbor on the North Bay of Lake Michigan. Welcome to the Midwest dear friend and you wont want to miss out on paddle boarding because it is absolutely the perfect paddle sport for anyone and everyone. It is a balance exercise, and lets be honest, who doesnt need some balance practice? Even the highest level of yogi’s enjoy a great session of paddle boarding or paddle yoga.
The board is extremely versatile. Go at your own speed or go find the waves and learn to surf! Lay down in your board in the middle of the lake and catch some rays, or glide across the surface slowly meandering across the lake. Its one of the best times to see some fish! Headstands on the paddle board are also a thing and quite easy, but take a bit of practice. Yoga is also a very popular paddleboard activity. So if you’re a large group and some people want to go hard, others want to slowly meander and the rest want to goof off, catch some waves and swim? Rent some paddle boards! All we ask is you tip your guides.

Learning to paddle board is not taxing. All it takes is balance and a little coordination. Is your balance a little rusty? No problem our guides are prepared to do some stretching and balance exercises as well as the paddle board lesson to get you absolutely prepared to have the time of your life hanging out on the water. We’ll have you balanced and feeling comfortable in 5-10 minutes. Sometimes even less time! Renting a paddle board is also inexpensive, it costs $25 per hour. That’s less expensive than a kayak tour so if you are traveling on a budget, paddle boarding is for you.
Ask about our yoga paddle boards and lessons. We also offer a three-day paddleboard package where you can learn to surf!