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New Orleans Swamp Kayak Tour- True Detective Scene

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We couldn’t be happier with the addition of our new outdoor recreation adventure location in New Orleans, Louisiana!  Don’t worry, we havn’t given up on Door County, we have some very cool new features coming for our zip line tour and are adding some new gear for our kayak shipwreck tours too!   We quickly realized our ideas were being copied(the highest form of flattery) by our competition, so we have to make them more of a surprise to you! Stay tuned for those announcements.

True Detective onscene Kayak Tour


New Orleans, La Swamp Kayak Tours

Wow!!! After only 1 year of starting a kayak swamp tour business down south, we are seeing record numbers of paddlers.

  • Is it because we launch from one of the HBO series true detective sets and they think they are going to see Woody or Mathew?
  • Is it because it offers something to do during the spring, when everybody is excited to get outside and see nature waking up again.

Come on down and visit us in New Orleans, La with

Want to hear about our Woody Harrelson and Matthew Mcconaughey run in???

[sociallocker id=2097]It hasn’t happened yet, but if you know them, we want to bring them kayaking in the swamps and do some deer antler selfies.[/sociallocker]