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NEW, GT Introduces Stand Up Paddle Boarding!

Door County Stand Up Paddle Boarding SUP

Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) is a relatively new activity that has been rapidly gaining popularity in the Door County area. Serving as a great tool for health and fitness, SUP makes for a great activity for the entire family. For those of you who seek the Lake Michigan as a place to relax and become entranced by the beauty of the water, SUP allows you to glide easily across the surface offering fantastic views of the surrounding area from another perspective. On the other hand, for all of you who often hit the beach when the wind is up and waves come crashing in, SUP allows you to easily catch waves and ride them out.

Besides making for a refreshing activity on a hot summer day, SUP offers great physical and health benefits as well. SUP is a great cross-training activity in which you will find yourself using muscles in your legs, arms, back, stomach and even your feet. A day of paddle boarding will even allow you to improve your balance. Additionally, SUP is low impact meaning you won’t find your joints aching like they may after a run. Plus, bruises and scratches can easily be avoided.

If SUP seems to be of interest to you, be sure to stop by Gravity Trails this summer and join in on the fun!