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Kayaking and Paddleboarding In Austin Just Got Better

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Kayaking and Paddleboarding in Austin, Texas

Kayaking and paddleboarding in Austin? If you haven’t heard already, the guys who brought you Gravity Trail’s have started a new venture in Austin, Texas. Lone Star Kayak Tours (LSKT) opened this last October and is qucikly becoming a favorite outfitter and tour company for vistors of ATX, and locals alike.

When most people think about the state of Texas they don’t think it would have a a lot of water, but in actuality there is a ton, especially in the area surround Austin.
The Colorado River runs right through the heart of the city and was damned in the 1930’s which created a series of lakes. This kayak and paddleboarding mecca is where Lone Star Kayak Tours does daily kayak tours and rentals. In the evening hours, LSKT offers a Bat Tour of the Congress Bridge which is home to a colony of 5 million bats. At sunset these night flyers head out into the Austin skies to feed on insects. The sight of 5 million bats all flying out at once during sunset is nothing short of spectacular. Mark it down on your bucket list becasue you are in for a treat my friends.
LSKT also offers daily tours of the San Marcos River, the Guadalupe River, and San Gabriel River. These tours specialize in not only fun, but education on the what we like to call “Hidden Texas.” These beautiful ecosytems are teaming with fish, fauna, and other wildlife. Tours are about a 4 hours in length and take you through ligth rapids as well as still water. These floats are a great way to get out of the city and cool off on hot days.
Tours for kayaking and paddleboarding in Austin are all guided and the type of memorable experiences we like to create for all of our guests nationwide. If you find yourself in the great state of Texas in the near future. Look us up! We like to see familiar faces and new ones too.
In the meantime, check us out and follow our daily adventures on LSKT Facbook Page
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