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The ice is melting

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Finally, the seasons are changing and the temperatures are warming up. This also means that the ice is melting and making room for open waters and a new chapter. For me, this means to put my curling shoes back in the corner of my closet and getting ready for a summer full of zip-lining and kayaking!

Well, let me start at the beginning. My name is Marina Hauser and I am from Switzerland. Yes, the country with the delicious chocolate, famous cheese, expensive watches and of course mountains (and by this I mean actual mountains, not like the “hills” you can find in Wisconsin). I came to Green Bay in January of 2012. First, I just wanted to stay for one semester at the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay and then go back home and continue my studies there. But somehow, I fell in love with the place and just couldn’t leave anymore. So here we are, three and half years and one Bachelor degree later, and I am still here.

Now that we have covered the basics, let’s get to my passion: Curling. I have been playing this sport since I can remember. Both my parents and my brother play as well. So you could say we are a curling-crazy family! In Switzerland I have played Swiss junior championship for many years. So when I came to the US, I obviously could not just stop. I was very fortunate that UWGB had a curling team, so I had the opportunity to represent my school at College Nationals last spring!

However, the curling ice is out for the summer, so this gives me the time and energy to focus on other things. For example, working at Gravity Trails. I am looking forward to seeing you soon in Door County!

Tschüss und bis bald,


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