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Enjoy the Sunset Over North Bay with Gravity Trails at Gordon Lodge

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Paddles hit the water at 6:30 p.m. for a relaxing tour around North Bay. A knowledgeable guide launches your group of kayakers into the waters of North Bay off the beach at Gordon Lodge. Keeping close to the shorelines, your guide will navigate you into scenic views of the wetlands scattered about the bay. Before sunset is the perfect timing to watch wildlife spring into action. Birds swoop in and fish leap out of the waters as the sun begins to drop down to the horizon. Among the diverse wildlife is the king of the birds, the bald eagle. From experience, bald eagle sighting on North Bay kayak tours are most frequent during the sunset tour. As the wildlife recedes back into nature for the night the sun will sink into the tree line. The sky will change from blue to orange and purple and you can watch as the day turns into night.

Once the sun has set and your tour winds down, an energetic feeling fills your body. You feel completely satisfied with your two hour immersion into nature and feel refreshed to begin a night out in Door County.

Sunset tours are great for couples and families alike – and fill up fast. If you would like to book a reservation with Gravity Trails please do so quickly at! We can’t wait to enjoy a sunset on North Bay with you!