TOP 5 Foods/Herbs to Build a Strong Immune System!

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You can fight off viruses when your immune system is strong. You can be in the same building, touch the same things, be sneezed upon and even share foods/juices with others who are ill and you will not catch the virus….do you know why? Because your immune system has a powerful army inside of you,…

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Benefits of Singing

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If you’ve ever been on a zip line or kayak tour with Gravity Trails in Door County, you’ve probably noticed that many of our tour guides not only enjoy singing, but can’t help themselves to not sing.  Singing is encouraged on all our Door County zip line and kayak tours for a number of reasons…

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Slackline is great balance practice for kayaking and stand up paddle boarding.

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Practicing slacklining has a great opportunity to improve your balance, posture, core strength, and concentration. Even though it is difficult at first, once you “get it”, the slow walking meditation is a pleasure. The balance training works your core muscles and develops those muscles to become quick and responsive. Good balance will promote Co-ordination and…

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