The ice is melting

Celebrity Door County Gravity Trails Guides

20140820_104043 Finally, the seasons are changing and the temperatures are warming up. This also means that the ice is melting and making room for open waters and a new chapter. For me, this means to put my curling shoes back in the corner of my closet and…

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New Orleans Swamp Kayak Tour- True Detective Scene

Activities Adventures Celebrity New Orleans New Orleans La

We couldn’t be happier with the addition of our new outdoor recreation adventure location in New Orleans, Louisiana!  Don’t worry, we havn’t given up on Door County, we have some very cool new features coming for our zip line tour and are adding some new gear for our kayak shipwreck tours too!   We quickly realized…

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off-season adventure – “three blondes and a backpack”

Adventures Celebrity Door County Guides

We started talking about this off season adventure last summer. Like all the seasonal workers in Door County we were dreaming about escaping the cold winter. But we were hoping for it to be more than just hanging out in retirement complexes in Florida. Me being back in Germany, Sadie spending the winter with her…

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