Door County Zip Line Video’s

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Here are a few videos of Gravity Trails from Rowleys Bay Resort.  We hope to bring you some videos from our new course as well as our new amusement park ride the Door County Zip Line Racer soon!  I love to hear the laughter come from people as they zip across.  Our new zip line…

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Door County Morel Hunting Season

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Caught in the WIld: The Elusive Blonde Morel Spring in Wisconsin is the best with morels, ramps, and fiddleheads, our forests are overflowing with wonderful wild things to eat.  And with Wisconsin Winters getting shorter and warmer, it seems that Morel mushrooms our popping up earlier and earlier each year. The elusive Morel mushroom is an…

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off-season adventure – “three blondes and a backpack”

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We started talking about this off season adventure last summer. Like all the seasonal workers in Door County we were dreaming about escaping the cold winter. But we were hoping for it to be more than just hanging out in retirement complexes in Florida. Me being back in Germany, Sadie spending the winter with her…

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Vail Colorado Zip Line and Adventure Proposal

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I happen to spend a lot of time visiting Vail, Colorado.  Numerous friends from Door County plan seasonal trips there to work as musicians, ski instructors, waiters, bartenders and the quintessential ski bum!  Just lately, did I read that Vail is proposing a zip line on their Ski Resort at an area called Adventure Ridge….

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TOP 5 Foods/Herbs to Build a Strong Immune System!

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You can fight off viruses when your immune system is strong. You can be in the same building, touch the same things, be sneezed upon and even share foods/juices with others who are ill and you will not catch the virus….do you know why? Because your immune system has a powerful army inside of you,…

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Slackline is great balance practice for kayaking and stand up paddle boarding.

Activities Adventures Health Highlining

Practicing slacklining has a great opportunity to improve your balance, posture, core strength, and concentration. Even though it is difficult at first, once you “get it”, the slow walking meditation is a pleasure. The balance training works your core muscles and develops those muscles to become quick and responsive. Good balance will promote Co-ordination and…

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Backyard Zip Line

Activities Adventures Door County

Every year Gravity Trails receives about 3-5 calls from people inquiring about building zip lines at their private residence.  Building zip lines is something that we do not do, however, we always attempt to direct whomever calls to a place where they can obtain the required information. Zip lines are great fun for families, but…

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Sturgeon Week

Activities Adventures Door County

Sturgeon Week is well in progress and all week long you can find web-based, multi-media features that will tell the stories behind the lake sturgeon,  a primitive fish which is the largest of all species in the Great Lakes. Sturgeon can live more than 70 years…

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Cabin Fever Anyone?

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As the winter rolls into February, I am always itching to get outside and do something active. Perhaps it’s those summer memories of climbing the rock wall up to the zip line, flying through the trees, or paddling on a hot summer day that always draws out the cabin fever in me. With the recently…

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Door County Superman Zip Line

Activities Adventures Door County Door County WI

It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's Gravity Trails Superman Zip Line! Superman Zip Lining is a style of zip lining that is different from the traditional sitting position where feet are crossed out in front of you. Instead, you are connected to the zip line by the back of your harness with you…

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