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Benefits of Singing

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If you’ve ever been on a zip line or kayak tour with Gravity Trails in Door County, you’ve probably noticed that many of our tour guides not only enjoy singing, but can’t help themselves to not sing.  Singing is encouraged on all our Door County zip line and kayak tours for a number of reasons and none of those reasons are tips.  We all know that if guides were tipped on their singing, there’d be some empty pockets at the end of each and every day.

We promote singing in the workplace because of the health benefits attributed to the musical sound made with ones voice. Singing:

*Reduces stress and improves mood.

*Lowers blood pressure.

*Boosts the immune system.

*Improves breathing.

*Reduces perceived pain.

*Improves a sense of rhythm.

*Promotes learning in children.

*Promotes communal bonding.

*Provides comfort.

*Motivates and empowers!