Mobile Zip Line Rental in WI, IL, MI, MN, LA, MS, TX, AL

  • 100feet x 300feet x 12 feet
  • Flat graded surface
  • Grass, Cement, Ashpalt, Gravel
  • No power lines directly overhead
  • Weight restrictions 220 lbs/person
  • Zip two people at one time
  • Race against each other
  • Winner of IAAPA amusement award 5 years in a row!
  • Insurance certificate with you and any businesses listed as “additionally insured”
  • We set it up and run it
  • Trained Staff
  • Harnesses
  • Set-up,
  • Take-down
  • Certificate of insurance with you listed as additional insured
  • Transportation within 20 miles of Egg Harbor, wi or New Orleans, LA. (additional round-trip miles $1/mile)

Benefits of the Zip Line Rental

  • Be unique!!!Be the first one on the block to have a zip line.
  • Add an event attraction that brings in a crowd!
  • Provide a bucket list activity for your guests!
  • Use it for a fundraiser.
  • Add intrigue to your marketing for the event! #zipline

Need a zip line rental proposal??? Have one emailed to you RIGHT NOW! Follow the steps below.

Zip Line Rental Proposal Request “How To” Steps


Follow these quick steps to have a proposal emailed to you in 2 mins!!!!!

(No credit cards/money due required for a zip line rental proposal.)

  1. Scroll down to the calendar below.
  2. Choose the starting date would like the zip line rental
  3. You will be prompted to choose a date again, choose the same date you just did.
  4. Choose the ending date you would like the zip line rental
    1. If it is only 1 day, then choose the same calendar day.
    2. If it is for two or more days, choose the calendar day it ends.
  5. Click “book now”
  6. Fill out your company/business/school/etc. details.
  7. Don’t concern yourself with the “Due Now amount”
  8. Submit your info.
  9. The proposal will get emailed to you. 
  10. We will send you a follow up deposit request for 50% deposit (3,7 and 14) days after you submit your proposal request. After 21 days, we delete your proposal.
  11. When you have confirmation from your company, send us a check for the 50% deposit.
  12. Reservations are confirmed when we have a check in hand for the 50% deposit.
  13. You will get a confirmation email from us.
  14. If your event dates reside outside of the available dates, please give us a call to double check our availability.

Zip Line Rental Proposal Request “How To Video”

RENT the Zip Line Racer

Bring the thrill of zip lining right to your party, company picnic or event!  With up to 300ft, we can provide the ultimate portable zip lining experience for your special event.

Perfect activity for festivals, fundraisers, corporate and college events, block parties and birthdays!  The distance of the zip line can range from 150ft – 300ft depending on the designated activity spaces. We have even setup our zip line over water! Scroll down to create a proposal to present to your event organizers.  No money due now, 50% deposit due when you want to confirm.

The mobile Zip Line Rental is a great zip line experience for beginners and novices alike.

Spanning over the 300ft it is equivalent to the length of a football field.  Race your friends and family on this side by side zip line!  First, you climb to the top of the platform 35ft above the ground via a spiral staircase, then you and a friend or family member are harnessed in and connected to the zip line cables.  From there you can walk or jump off the platform together and race each other to the ground.