Door County Activities at the Egg Harbor Fun Park

Door County activities at the Egg Harbor Fun Park; Mini-Golf, Go-Karts, Water Balloon Wars, Paintball Range, Redemption Arcade, Pizza, Birthday Parties, and More!!! Door County’s #1 theme park!  Bring the family to experience some fun for a whole day, stay for lunch and finish up the afternoon with some go-karts.  A vacation isn’t a vacation without a theme park visit!  Visit us in the morning, in the afternoon and at night.  You won’t want to leave.  Book a birthday party for the kids or bring the school for a mini-golf round.  We cater to large groups, schools, and more.  Brand new this past year, are our batting cages, just try your hand at our fast pitch.

  • Great sunny or rainy day activity!
  • Family Friendly
  • Great for Birthday Parties
  • Make a day out of all the activities
A great place to spend a whole day to keep your kid(s) in you smiling!

Bounce Houses

Let the kids spend some of that energy in the bounce houses.  They will fall right asleep when you get home and leave you to a nice beach bonfire all to yourselves.



Ski-Ball is the classic ticket game everyone remembers!  Now there are many more games that give you tickets to win a woopie cushion or a giant teddy bear.  What do you want to win?



Who doesn’t remember their first go-kart ride?  Take the wheel and learn how to drive.  Be careful around those turns, and “No Bumping!”  Don’t forget to shout out, “Eat my dust” to you friends behind you.



18 Holes of classic mini-golf.  Loser buys ice cream!  Putt your way past lighthouses, waterfalls and  through a bridge over troubled water.  A great American past time.

Buy-Tickets-Now Door County Mini Golf

Jump Shot

Combine a trampoline and two basketball hoops, and what do you get?  Jump Shot!  Learn how to slam dunk, deny your friends shot or just shoot some hoops with this fun activity!



Take aim and become the next wild west gun slinger!  Use our paintball range to practice your steady hand at firing a paintball gun.  Ding! Ding! Ding!


Water Wars

On those hot summer days, when you just want to get wet, what do you do?  Water wars!!!  Grab some water balloons and unleash them with the slingshot at your friends.


Ice Cream

When its all done and you know who lost the mini-golf game…guess who pays for ice cream?  Milk Shakes, Root Beer Floats, and triple scoops! You scream, I scream, We all scream for…


Book our private party room for your childs birthday party, or event.


Bring a group and throw an event at our Fun Park.  Plenty of activities to keep the whole group satisfied for a half day or a whole day.

All of these Door County Activities can be done at the Egg Harbor Fun Park. Passes for these activities are purchased at the office as you arrive.

Make sure you check out our Deals and Specials before you book.